FluoTag®-Q anti-GFP

FluoTag®-Q anti-GFP

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FluoTag®-Q anti-GFP is derived from an in-house developed single-domain antibody (sdAb) that recognizes GFP and its most common derivatives with high affinity and specificity. For a complete specificity chart see the Product Reactivity Chart. In our FluoTag-Q series, each fluorophore is coupled to exactly one FluoTag, which in turn binds to its target molecule in a monovalent fashion. The high binding affinity and a high coupling efficiency of > 95% guarantees a highly linear relation between target molecule number and fluorescent intensity. This enables you to directly count your target molecule of interest. The fluorophore is located exceptionally close to the recognized epitope (< 1.5 nm), which is ideal for all microscopy techniques.


Antigen: GFP
Specificity: Recognizes native GFP, mEGFP, superfolder GFP, Emerald and most common YFP and CFP variants, including mTurquoise1 and 2. It does not cross-react with mCherry, mRFP, dsRed, mTagBFP or their most common derivatives. For more detailed information see the Product Reactivity Chart.
Produced in: E. coli
Concentration: 5 µM protein, 5 µM fluorophore
Recommended dilution for IF/ ICC: 1:500