FluoTag®-X4 anti-GFP

FluoTag®-X4 anti-GFP

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FluoTag®-X4 anti-GFP is a blend of two in-house developed single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) that recognize two distinct epitopes on GFP and its most common derivatives with high affinity and specificity. For a complete specificity chart see the Product Specificity Chart below. In our FluoTag-X4 series, two fluorophore molecules are site-specifically coupled to each individual FluoTag molecule. The reagent therefore simultaneously targets up to four fluorophores to the protein of interest, which ensures extra-bright signals. Owing to the small size of our FluoTags, the distance between the target epitope and each fluorophore is below 4 nm. In comparison to conventional detection systems using conventional antibodies, our FluoTag-X4 series can thus improve the localization accuracy by 10-15 nm. Both features – superior brightness and precise fluorophore placement – render our FluoTag-X4 products excellent tools for all microscopy techniques.


Antigen: GFP
Specificity: Recognizes native GFP, mEGFP, superfolder GFP, Emerald and most common YFP and CFP variants, including mTurquoise1 and 2. It does not cross-react with mCherry, mRFP, dsRed, mTagBFP or their most common derivatives. For more detailed information see the Product Reactivity Chart.
Produced in: E.coli
Concentration: 2.5 µM protein, 5 µM fluorophore
Recommended dilution for IF/ ICC: 1:500