FluoTag-X2 anti-Mouse Immunoglobulin kappa Light Chain for WesternBlotting

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NanoTag's FluoTag®-X2 species-specific anti-immunoglobulin secondary tools are alpaca single-domain antibodies, also referred to as Nanobodies® (trademark of Ablynx, Inc). With only ~15kD, they are 10-times smaller than conventional IgGs. Since Nanobodies are monovalent, they can directly be incubated with primary antibodies without forming non-functional clusters. Besides saving time on immunofluorescence stainings and Western blotting, the FluoTags® enable researchers to perform innovative applications with a precision and quality unreachable using conventional secondary antibodies.


The FluoTags for Western Blotting are conjugated to LI-COR dyes to enable quantitative imaging with high precision. 

 FluoTag®-X2 anti-Mouse Immunoglobulin kappa Light Chain is a species-specific FluoTag® directed against the kappa light chain from Mouse. In our FluoTag-X2 series, two fluorophore molecules are site-specifically coupled to one individual FluoTag molecule. The reagent therefore targets four fluorophores to your primary Mouse antibody. Due to the monovalent binding, there are no primary and secondary antibody clusters formed, leading to better epitope accessibility and a more precise localization. Since our FluoTags are recombinantly expressed, there is no batch-to-batch variation.


Antigen: Mouse Immunoglobulin kappa Light Chain
Specificity: Recognizes native Mouse Immunoglobulin kappa light chains. It does not cross-react with Guinea Pig, Rat, Rabbit, Chicken, Donkey, Goat, Pig, Horse, Cow or Human IgGs.
Produced in: E.coli
Concentration: 5 µM protein, 10 µM fluorophore; 0.2 mg/mL sdAB anti-Ig kappa Light Chain conjugated to HRP
Recommended dilution for WB: 1:500 (LiCor), 1:2000 (HRP conjugate)